Weekly Writing Update

Hi everyone!

Didn’t get quite as much story writing done this week, mostly because I spent most of my time preparing for my first D&D game as a DM!  And it looks like the party enjoyed it and this is going to turn into a proper campaign, so for the next little while, a lot of writing time is gonna be spent developing this one-shot I pulled out of my ass into an entire world.  I already have some ideas which I hope can be further developed as the game goes on, but which can mostly be summed up as a) averting as many world building tropes as possible and b) trying to honour good old Professor Tolkien’s fantasy in some way.

I did get some writing done though, and I worked through most of an awkward scene that was tripping me up in a story, because emotional conversations are just as easy to write as they are to have :)))  Not sure where this particular one is really gonna end, but I can safely say that its main ship barely qualifies as a canoe in the overall fandom so far, and if I have to bail water and paddle this thing myself, I will.

Gonna leave it here with the vague-blogging, and say goodbye for the week!  Hopefully I’ll have a more solid campaign plan next week, and I can talk a little bit more about it.  See you all next time!


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