Weekly Writing Update

Hey all, I’m back!

To everyone’s surprise, but none more than my own, I got so much writing done since the last update.  So much.  All handwritten stuff which I haven’t had the time to type up yet so I don’t know the word count, but putting aside about an hour every day to write, I averaged about two pages per hour.  It’s not great stuff, it’s all word/idea dumping, but I have a pretty good start to a draft, and the layout is almost done.

Of course, I say a lot of drafts go well, and almost none of them have ever been published, so…

More optimistically, I still got a lot of writing done, far more than I was expecting, which makes me absurdly pleased.  In my usual vague, non-committal nature, I’ll say this much about the story, that it’s a fairly new concept I’m experimenting with, and meta to the absolute max, but more realistic and less cracky.  It’s an unfortunate tendency of my brain that the tiny scientific part of it has a pretty loud voice and always wants the art and imagination to still make sense, so world building is absolute hell in addition to being absolute fun.

I’ll leave it off here for this week on that note, since I have some things to get caught up on, but with any luck (read: less procrastination), I’ll have another just as positive update soon.  See you all next time!


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