Weekly Writing Update

Only missed one week this time, that’s an improvement, right?  It’s crunch time right now, so I count updating at all as an achievement.

Really short update this time, since as I’ve said, it’s crunch time right now.  For a change, I’ve gotten some work done on that Star Wars fic again!  Granted, it wasn’t very much, but at least I’m back at it.  Also got some more plot planning done on that massive Modern AU, up to forty chapters laid out so far!  Other than that, a bit of scribbling down of ideas here and there, nothing of real significance at the moment.

It’ll probably be a while before I can update again, and at more detail (told ya this was going to be a short one), there’s a whole bunch of real-life-itis hitting me right now.  I’m not even going to bother setting any goals for creative writing for the interim, but I can promise that I’ll be thinking about it, as I always do.  See ya next time!


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