Weekly Writing Update

Hey all, sorry for the absence this past month!  Things got really busy and I barely had time to sleep, much less update this blog.  But I’m back now, with actual writing stuff to talk about!

I’m trying a “new” approach to writing, or rather, revamping an old device I’ve made use of a couple times.  If you dive back into the archives of this series, you’ll find mention of a certain enormous Modern AU project for Tolkien.  That’s been an idea that I’ve toyed around with for a number of years now, and now that I’m in a position where I have the experience to write about some of the things in this story, I’m getting to the actual business of writing it down.  And instead of just blurting it all out, this time I’m actually planning it.

Previously, I’ve never made much serious use of story planning.  I’ve come up with graphs and charts of character data and timeline calculation, and I’ve scribbled out some stuff about points of conflict, but I’ve only once before laid out chapter by chapter what’s going to happen.  It’s a new approach for me, but I think it will be necessary with the behemoth that this project looks like it’s going to be.

I’ve already talked a bit about what the story is, but I thought I’d go a little more into it now, in the hopes that by getting some draft ideas out, I can receive feedback and flesh them out more.  I’ll keep it free of names, for anyone not familiar with Tolkien’s works, and put it under the cut because this might get long.

The essential premise of this story grew out of a common frustration for anyone who has ever been a fan of a rare pair.  Not only a lack of stories with the pair, but a lack of stories actually about the relationship.  I shan’t give away the central pairing quite yet, but I will say that I was frustrated with the amount and type of other stories out there for them.  Thus grew a desire to write a long, plot-filled narrative that did not centre entirely around either of them getting off.

With this in mind, and inspired by the amazingly talented LiveOakWithMoss (on AO3) who wrote a fantastic modern AU for the Silmarillion, I determined that I should write my own modern AU, with this rare pair as a main relationship.  And once I got onto that idea, there was so much more to talk about, so many canonical ghosts to explore.

So!  What is it actually about?  Essentially, it’s about a bunch of young adults trying to figure out life, love, and the pursuit of a drama-less life (that’s literally the summary I have in my planning document).  In more detail, it’s about a group of young people, in varying stages of their post-secondary life, dealing with the struggles that come from university, family, friends, feelings, and growing up.  And of course, making mistakes.  There’s a lot of that.

For example, the first major point of tension that this story deals with is a character who is one of those sorts that gets good grades because he works very hard, not because he is naturally gifted.  Now, attending university, he finds himself in classes full of naturally talented people that seem to be able to get good grades without having to work as hard as he does.  And that beats at him, makes him doubt himself, and in a negative headspace, he lashes out at the people trying to help him, which makes things even worse.

It’s not all as angsty and dramatic as that, there are certainly a lot of light hearted moments planned, as well as romance.  There’s the slow development of the main relationship, how they turn from friends into something more, and lots of other goodies besides.  I know exactly how I want the whole thing to end, even if I haven’t quite figured out all the parts in between, and I’m hopeful that I can make this into a reality!

I’m gonna leave you on that note and sign off for now.  Hopefully it won’t be another month before I update this blog again!


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