Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Or, as I saw one time on a wonderfully clever tumblr post, Pippin Christmas!


‘The Last Jedi’ Predictions *NO SPOILERS*

So I’m off to see the movie tomorrow, after my last exam, and I just thought I’d share some of my predictions before I go!  Unless I really do have the gift(?) of foresight, there aren’t any spoilers here (if I’m right, Hogwarts needs to hire me as their new Divination teacher, but what are the odds of that?).  All the same, I’ll put this whole thing under a read-more, just in case.

Also, I’m mostly approaching things from a Doylist (writer’s) perspective – I’m willing to go into the Watsonian (within story) perspective, if anyone wants to get into it, but I think the Doylist position is very often neglected or oversimplified, and I could go far more in-depth into my reasoning if I had more time.

Predictions under the cut

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Weekly Writing Update

Is this several days late and in the middle of the week?  Yup.  Am I still going to update anyways?  Yup.

So after much contemplation, I’ve decided not to publish That Fic (TM) before The Last Jedi comes out.  Mostly because it premieres in about half an hour where I live, and I’m just on scene 2 in terms of revision, and I’d rather take my time and write something good than put out a sloppy product I rushed to finish.  It is disappointing, not being able to meet my original (personal) deadline, but at the end of the day, I think quality is more important than just publishing something for the sake of publishing something.

And, not to sound too egotistical, but the story so far with revisions is so much better than the massive first draft I have.  It’s much more streamlined, cuts a lot of unnecessary and/or distracting faff, is much more in-character, and is not an info dump like the first draft was.

Revision.  It’s worth the effort.

I’m rather debating about my new goal for publishing.  I’m seeing The Last Jedi on the 19th, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish revisions in time to publish before then, since I still have one more exam to study for, and academics have to come first.  I’m debating splitting the scenes up into a multi-chaptered story instead of one big piece, for which there are pros and cons.  On the plus side, I can still publish before I go see the movie, and I’ll be less tempted to change the story based on the new material from the movie.  It’ll allow me more time to finish the other scenes, and make for a less dense reading situation.

On the down side, I’ve been notoriously bad with updating multi-chaptered stories in the past, and there’s still a risk that later chapters will be influenced by the movie because I haven’t finished my plans for their revision yet.  I’m also not great with keeping length consistency in chapters, and personally, a pet peeve of mine is when stories have drastically different chapter lengths all the time.

Alternatively, I could wait until all my revisions are finished, whenever that may be, and publish it as one whole thing, as per my original intentions.  I won’t be able to guarantee that the movie won’t influence the way I revise, although I can always approach it as an AU, which is still possible, since it covers a timeline that I’m pretty sure extends beyond what The Last Jedi covers, to the end of Episode IX.

So I’m on the fence.  What do you think, fellow WordPress denizens?  Should I turn this into a multi-chapter, and start publishing before the movie comes out?  Or should I take my time, finish all my revisions, and publish as a whole?  Give me your thoughts and opinions!  I’d like to know what you think 🙂

See you all next time!

Weekly Writing Update

The first draft is done!

Clocking in at 48,045 words and 83 pages, it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written.  And it’s the longest thing I’ll have to edit in a space of 10 days with three exams to study for in the meantime.  So yeah, the editing on this one isn’t going to be as comprehensive as I’d like.

But it’s done!  When I started this, I was, funnily enough, also in exam season, and now, eight months later, the first draft is done.  Don’t think about how I have 10 days to edit and rework what took 8 months to do.  In my defence, I didn’t learn about revision techniques until two weeks ago, or I would have scheduled this better.

Anyway, like I said, it’s exam season again, so I’m going to keep this one extra short and sign off here.  I’m just glad that, if nothing else, I got this draft done, and it’s the longest and most comprehensive thing I’ve ever written.  Whew!  That’s not nothing to sneeze at.

See you all next time!