Weekly Writing Update

Hey all, it’s me!  Slightly late, but better late than never?

Of course this post is going to be about That Fic (TM).  I’m on the last scene right now, working through some unexpected hitches, but if all goes well, I’m aiming for it to be done before the end of the week.  And then the fun starts…

I had possibly the most terrifying and most beneficial class I ever had this week, all about revising your work, and it is incredibly daunting but also incredibly worth it, I think.  If I want to get this fic out before Dec. 15, and I do, I won’t be able to implement everything that I learned, but I still have a lot of good advice that I can use, and moving forwards with other stories, I now have the knowledge to start developing more professionally as a writer.

It’s been a bit of a slump this week, creatively.  I’ve written about as much as I usually do in a week, but I wouldn’t exactly call most of it quality.  Probably stress and sleep has something to do with it, but that’s end of term for you.  It may not be a full rewrite, but there will be MUCH revision before publication, I assure you all, and I may, in the future, even do a rewrite, with a more thorough revision process.  That’ll have to wait and see…

That’s gonna be all from me for now, I’m going to aim this week to finally finish the draft of That Fic (TM), and then hopefully the revision can start!  I’ll see you all next time!


Weekly Writing Update

So this has been an up-and-down productive week.

On the productive side, I wrote 15 pages of a script in essentially a day for my writing course.  It’s not great, it needs some major overhauls before I submit it, but I still managed it.  On the not-so productive side, I’m still only in the middle of the big climax scene for the Star Wars fic, which is turning out to be even longer than I anticipated and may possibly need some rewrites.  Just haven’t been feeling it in the stuff I’ve managed to write down this week.

So this week, I’m going to set some goals.  The first couple of days will not be super productive on the fic front because there are other academic responsibilities I need to deal with, but my aim is to have this massive action scene done by the weekend.  Then I’m going to reserve some time during the weekend to actually finish the thing up with the last scene, the scene I actually wrote the whole damn thing for, and next week will be spent editing so that I can get a draft off to a beta, maybe?  There’s no way I’m going to hit my original publish date plan of Dec. 1, but as long as I can get it out before Dec. 15, I’m happy.

That’s going to be the plan for this week and hopefully the next.  I know it’s a short post again this time, but it’s end-of-term season and I’m already pretty lucky that I don’t have any essays to write this time.  But I’ll see you all next week, and hopefully that massive climax scene will actually be done by then!  I hope…

Weekly Writing Update

Hey all!

Sticking to a writing schedule despite everything else going on is proving very beneficial.  I actually accomplished my goals from last week’s post!  Finished the monster action scene, completed the transition scene, and started on the climax scene!  The end is in sight…

This week’s goal is to work on and finish the climax, and maybe start work on the resolution.  Fortunately, I have a clearer picture for these two scenes (especially the resolution) than I’ve had for most of the other scenes in this story, so here’s hoping that they’ll come out a bit more easily than the other ones.  The main struggle that I’m anticipating is, again, the fight scenes.  I’m sure any half-trained choreographer would weep at my clumsy descriptions of a battle.  

I may not get as much done this week as I hope to, because I have an actual academic creative writing thing to work on, and I’ll probably reserve some of my personal writing time for that.  On non-fic related news, I’m experimenting with different forms and genres in creative writing, trying to break out of the traditional story/poem sandbox I’ve been playing around in for years.  I’m thinking of trying out screenwriting, though of course, it’s early stages yet.  But I hope it pans out, screenwriting is something I’d like to try more of, maybe get some experience for the future.

Anyway, that’s all from me for this week, as always, leave a comment below if you’re interested in creative writing, whether you make it or consume it!  I always love it when I can talk with people who are also passionate about the written word.

See you next week!

Weekly Writing Update

Just an (honestly) quick update post this time, because I’ve got so much to do today, but I still want to keep this series on a regular schedule!

And absolutely no one is surprised that I did not, in fact, finish The Project (TM) this week.  But I’m almost done the huge action scene I was working on last week, which turned out to be a hefty 1000+ words over the plan.  Good news is, I really am almost done it (that particular scene, I mean), I’m on the ‘wrapping it up’ portion and it should (fingers crossed) be done by tomorrow.  And then there’s just three more scenes left!  A short transition scene to build up to the plot climax scene, and then a finale scene in which all the loose ends are wrapped up.

Yeah.  This is gonna take a while.  My aim for this week is to finish the massive action scene, the short transition scene, and start the plot climax scene.  Ambitious?  Probably.  But it’s good to have goals.

I’m gonna say goodbye now (see, I did manage to make it a short and quick post!), get back to some other responsibilities, and hopefully by next time, I’ll truly, genuinely, be almost done The Project (TM)!