Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

At this point, I probably shouldn’t even be calling this “Songs of the Week,” more like “Songs of the Month,” but I live in hope that the title will continue to shame me into following a schedule.  What’s the theme this time?  I’m feeling some movie magic, let’s go John Williams’ songs.

1 – Leaving Hogwarts – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

A lot of people would name Hedwig’s Theme as their favourite or most iconic song from the Harry Potter movies, but for me, this song has always been the clincher.  It ends the story in such a complete way, encapsulating all that has happened and the spirit of the story without words.  Every time I watch the movies, I look forwards to hearing this song play at the end.

2 – Star Wars (Main Theme) – Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

I mean, this is probably the most iconic movie theme of all time (John Williams does have a habit of writing these fantastic, iconic pieces, doesn’t he?), and it is so grand.  Not so fun on the piano, but as a trumpet player, playing it is great fun, and that opening trumpet fanfare?  Beautiful.

3 – Force Theme (Ben Kenobi’s Theme) – Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

That mournful melody line, so simple yet so grand?  John Williams has a real talent for capturing so many emotions and entwining them into simple musical themes.  Long before I started being an active fan, I loved the music, and apart from the Main Theme, this song always stuck with me.

4 – Harry’s Wondrous World – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

What a great song, it really make you feel like you’re right in the middle of this wonderful magical world.  Swooping melodies, grand harmonies, a touch of childish whimsy and wonder.  It really is quite spectacular.

5 – The Imperial March – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

What John Williams list is complete without the menacing beat of The Imperial March?  It’s Darth Vader in a song, not just the perfect accompaniment, but as notorious and foreboding as the character himself.  You can practically hear the rasping breath as it plays.

I didn’t intend for this to turn into a Best Of Harry Potter/Star Wars, but they’re what comes to me when I think about John Williams’ music.  Give them a listen on YouTube or iTunes or what have you, they’re easy enough to find.  If you’ve heard them before, they’re always great to visit.  If you haven’t, give them a shot!  The man is a legend and his music is legendary.  I’ll leave you with that, see you all next time!