Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

Continuing the tradition of not updating on schedule and having a themed post, this week’s post is going to centre on pop songs that I like to dance to.  Most of these may or may not come from watching too many YouTube fan videos and could possibly be described as pretty cheesy, but I like them all the same.

1 – Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon (2014)

I mean, ‘dance’ is in the title, of course it’s a good dance song.  I’m ridiculously fond of it and it’s got its charms.  Probably one of my favourite pop songs, or in the top few, at any rate.

2 – Anything – Hedley (2013)

Not gonna lie, the official music video for it is pretty weird, and it’s something you should probably listen to with headphones if you’ve got the uncensored version on, but it’s pretty catchy.  Likely not for everyone, but it’s not bad to bop along to.

3 – Best Day of My Life – American Authors (2014)

I didn’t really think of this as a dance song first, since I first learned it in choir, but despite its unorthodox introduction into my life, I’ve gotten vaguely fond of it.  It’s got a good beat and a bit of harmonizing, and paired with expert fan editing, makes for a not bad dance song.

4 – Did I Say That Out Loud? – Barenaked Ladies (2014)

First heard of this song while browsing through Rooster Teeth videos, and it’s gotten stuck into my head since then.  Nice little romance-y type song, good rhythm, and the music video is a nice bit of production on Rooster Teeth’s end.  All in all, a pretty good song to dance to.

To clarify, I’m absolutely not a dancer, and these songs are all a matter of personal taste.  Being pop songs, most of them are probably pretty well known by now, so I don’t think the usual recommendation to give them a shot is needed here.  These are just the tunes that get me up and moving when I’ve been sitting at my computer too long.  See you all next time!


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