Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

Sorry I missed last week’s post, I was occupied the entire day and then I never got around to doing it in the days after!  There’s been quite a bit of music this week, though not many recurring songs, mostly whatever comes to the mind in an idle moment.  So to switch it up, I thought I’d do a non-English songs post this week, get a bit of variety from the usual musicals bonanza.

1 – Aya Ngena – Traditional Zulu Folk Song

I learned this song with my school choir and it’s easy to learn and great fun to sing.  As an alto, I usually go for Part 2 harmony, but soprano part is pretty fun too.  Nice little song to sing, and sounds amazing when all the parts are singing in harmony.

2 – Echoes of the Rainbow – Echoes of the Rainbow (2010)

A really sad song from a really sad but excellent movie.  When Aarif Lee sings it in the movie, it’s heartbreaking.  The movie is in Cantonese, but there are English, Cantonese, and Mandarin versions of the song.  Whatever language you hear it in, it really tugs at the heartstrings.

3 – Le temps des fleurs – Dalida (1968)

This song holds a special place in my heart for its fond memories of French class, unlikely as that statement might sound.  Fun rhythm to dance to, nice tinge of fond remembrance in the lyrics, lots of lovely la’s to sing out.

4 – Always With Me (Itsumo Nandodemo) – Youmi Kimura

I’ve loved this song ever since I first heard it in the credits of Spirited Away.  It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever listened to, and it really defies description, you just have to listen to it.  Absolutely beautiful, I never get tired of listening to it.

So that’s this week’s special edition post!  Most of these songs are findable on YouTube, though I’m not sure about the last one, I don’t recall that I’ve been able to find a quality copy on YouTube in the past.  But if you want to listen to it (and I very highly recommend you do), you can do some Internet browsing, or borrow a copy of Spirited Away from the library, and it should be in the credits.  Happy listening, and see you all next week!


Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

It’s that time of the week again!  Going more old-style pop this week, with a dash of musicals.  Not much variety from previous posts, I will admit, but there are a couple of new additions to mix things up a bit, including this blog’s first French song!

1 – Your Song – Moulin Rouge (2001)

I think at this point, it’d be pretty redundant to keep going on about why I love this song, so I’ll just leave it here in top place.

2 – Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill (1994)

A classic love song, with just the right balance of melancholy sprinkled with a dash of cheesiness.  Still love belting it out though.

3 – Day After Day – Lyndzie Taylor

Back in the ye olden days of MP3 players, this was one of the preloaded songs that came with my MP3, and I was amused enough by it that I didn’t delete it.  Perhaps not a great classic of pop songs, but I’m rather fond of it all the same.  The lyrics have a relatable feel to them and the music’s pleasing enough to listen to.

4 – Le temps des fleurs – Dalida (1968)

A lovely song that was first introduced to me by some Quebecois acquaintances, and which I really love singing with my friends.  The music is quite unique, at least to my Anglophone ears, and the lyrics (en français!) have a wistful feel to them.  It’s also one of the few French songs I know that is not a silly language-learning one, and Dalida is quite a singer.

5 – Elephant Love Medley – Moulin Rouge (2001)

Aaaand to round out the list, some classic Moulin Rouge.  It’s a great medley arrangement, which I’ve espoused the value of many times over already, but which deserves every single endorsement.

There you are, some variety after all!  My fondness for old pop songs is starting to come through in these weekly selections.  Give them a try on YouTube if you please, I’ll admit that not all of them would belong to an easy listening set, but I am fond of them.  See you next week!