Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

It’s back to the old favourites for this week’s post!  By which, I mean most of these have shown up before on previous posts, with a focus on musicals and musical films.  Plus Shrek.  Because who doesn’t like Shrek?  The first movie, at least.

1 – Your Song – Moulin Rouge (2001)

I’ve been singing this song the entire week.  It’s a great piano song, and now that my printer’s working again, I’m going to try and find some piano sheet music for it.  It’s also performed by Ewan McGregor in the movie, and wow, that man can sing.

2 – Elephant Love Medley – Moulin Rouge (2001)

Another one for Moulin Rouge on this week’s list!  It’s a nice little medley of love songs, and I have a weak spot for sappy old love songs.  The actors sing quite convincingly too, and I enjoy the back-and-forth dialogue they have through the lyrics.

3 – How Far I’ll Go – Moana (2016)

I love the Moana soundtrack, it’s one of the best soundtracks for a Disney movie that I think Disney has had in a while, and this song was in my mind this week.  Auli’i Cravalho is a wonderful talent, and the song itself is really good.  It’s not really in the style of traditional Disney songs either which makes it all the more unique in my opinion.

4 – Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen (1984)

This is probably going to be a recurring feature since I’m using it as part of my ear training for piano, but it is a really nice song, and the lyrics are poignantly sad (I’m also a sap for sad ballads).  I also heard an amazing cover of it recently at a concert so it’s doubly stuck in my head.

5 – I’m a Believer – Shrek (2001)

Every time I watch Shrek, I have to get up and dance when this song plays during the last scene.  It’s such a fun song to dance around to, and I love Eddie Murphy’s take on it.  Also, as a forever Tolkienite, every time I hear the lyrics, I just think that this is basically the story of how Elrond met Celebrian 🙂

That’s this week’s roundup!  Have a listen to these songs if you please, they’re as always, readily available on YouTube.  I hope they brighten up your week, like they did mine!


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