Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

Happy Mother’s Day!  Sorry this post is a day late, I was occupied the whole day yesterday, but it’s here now, and far more musical than last week’s post.  Theme this week seems to be songs from musicals, plus one Annie Lennox/LOTR.  Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to get a song from the LOTR soundtrack up on here.

1 – Your Song – Moulin Rouge (2001)

I finally watched the movie recently, and wow, it was not what I was expecting.  Certainly a very different approach to the musicals-on-film genre than what I’ve seen before.  But Ewan McGregor’s voice.  Damn.  How.  Just wow.  I love how he sings this song in particular, it’s got that beautiful shyness at first and then growing in confidence, and the dancing on the cloud!  That could woo anyone indeed.

2 – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – Les Miserables (2012)

I’m specifying the movie because I really love Eddie Redmayne’s performance of this song, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.  The song itself is so sad (and happens to fit a good number of my favourite characters) but Eddie Redmayne really takes it to another level.  Wonderfully sad song, amazing performance.

3 – Who Am I – Les Miserables (2012)

I was playing through some pop music on my piano and I played this once and it got absolutely stuck in my head.  No complaints, I love pretty much all the Les Mis songs, and this one with its grand “2-4-6-0-1!!!!!” ending gets me every time.  I’m really only specifying the 2012 movie in this case because 1) Hugh Jackman, and 2) my sheet music is from the official movie book, but the other versions I’ve heard so far are also really good.

4 – Into the West – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003)

What an absolutely beautiful song.  It’s lyrics are poignant, it’s wonderfully soft, a beautiful credits song and a nice, quiet way to round off the trilogy.  Very much in the spirit of the books’ ending, and Annie Lennox does it such justice.  Also, I love that most of it is in my low alto range, thus making it a song I can actually sing with my real voice.

5 – Gaston – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Back for another week!  It’s just so wickedly fun to imitate LeFou’s wheedling and Gaston’s boasting 😀

I highly recommend that you give these songs a listen, they’re all easily accessible on YouTube, so far as I know.  I’ve really enjoyed humming/singing/listening to them this week, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too!  Until next time 🙂


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