Tra-la-la-lally: Songs of the Week

Oddly enough for me, this week hasn’t been much of a musical one, probably to do with being more preoccupied with my writing than anything else.  There were a couple of songs which I hummed a refrain or two from repeatedly this week, so I suppose those will technically do for this week’s posts, but in terms of recreational music, it’s been an unusually dry week for me.

1 – Gaston – Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I love the songs in Beauty and the Beast, and this particular one is always so delightful to sing.  I like both the 1997 and the 2017 versions of this song, I just put down the 2017 version because Josh Gad and Luke Evans led this song fantastically, and it’s so much fun imitating Josh Gad’s Lefou and Luke Evan’s Gaston.  They really did the song (and their roles) justice.

2 – Piano Man – Billy Joel

My parents recently bought a Billy Joel CD, so I’ve been hearing quite a bit of him this week, and this song stuck out to me as a piano player, even though I’m not after a performance certificate.  ‘Sing us a song, you’re the piano man’ is a line I can definitely relate to – though people don’t ask me to sing, learning that I’m a piano player often leads to people asking me to play them a song(s).  If I had a penny for every time someone asked me if I knew Fur Elise…

3 – Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Another Billy Joel classic that I like, mostly for its arching melodies, upbeat rhythm, and fond memories of anthropology class.   That was a fun class, talking about social stratification in music and popular culture.  The music video’s also pretty retro too.

And that’s three!  This has not been my most musical of weeks, but I suppose not every week can be a musical bonanza.  As usual, all these songs can be found on good old YouTube, if you want to check them out.  See you next week, when hopefully I’ll have had a more melodious time!


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